I created .NET API that allows to work with Amazon Web Services in a more convenient and efficient fashion.

At the moment I support the following Amazon Web Services:


.NET API for an efficient
usage of AWS

  • DynamoDB;
  • Elastic MapReduce (EMR).


I have a solution for DynamoDB to deploy into and work with different environments (such as test, development, production) simultaneously and in a consistent and isolated way.
Moreover, my API includes support for a locking mechanism (pessimistic locking) for tables or records to enable atomic multistep operations on complex data.

Elastic Map Reduce

Amazon has a web service, Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR), that allows you to host Hadoop framework and process vast amounts of data. It also has a web interface and an API to create a job flow with multiple steps and bootstrap actions to be run on each instance before an actual Hadoop job.

I wrote an extension to the Amazon .NET API that allows you to store the EMR Job’s flow description in a file or in an object, run and manage the flow locally, support an alternative flow in case of error.

Here are only some features you can describe in your flow using my API:

  • Type and number of EC2 instances;
  • Hadoop, HBase and Debug configuration;
  • Any number of custom bootstrap actions;
  • Any number of custom steps.

My library already has a set of predefined bootstrap actions and steps for example, to start HBase or Debug mode, so you just need to set up a corresponding boolean flag.

It is easy to use! ;)